Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Educational and Work Experience

The educational and work experience necessities for paralegal positions be different depending on employer and location requirements. These days, a four-year degree is extremely prudent in general. Employers often believe applicants with a bachelor’s degree and no work experience.

A four-year degree is not unavoidably compulsory for all paralegal positions. Another applicant with a two-year degree and more dedicated absorption in paralegal studies and no work experience may be uniformly considered. Many employers also believe the work practice of legal assistants or secretaries who have had no college training.

Online degrees are ahead popularity and are being measured positively by employers. There are several online courses designed for paralegal training. People can earn online degrees while working full-time in the convenience of their own schedules at home. Such flexibility of training makes learning easier, and opens doors for paralegal job opportunities.

There are several other steps one can take to prepare for a career as a paralegal. Many of these steps are surprisingly easy, and will open interview doors wider. I will discuss the steps in upcoming articles.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Why Do You Hate Your Job?

If you don't like your job or career, it's up to you to make the change. Don't anticipate that life will unexpectedly throw you your dream job, get out and look for it!
Like many of you out there, I am wondering the same thing. Where did my summer go? And, why am I fixed in this ice-cold office while there is pleasant weather to be had outside. For that, I don't have an answer.

Ok, yes I do, yes I do. To myself and everyone else, I have a prompt; we all chose it. Everyday we decide to go to an office, sit on our butts, and grumble about the despondent working conditions. (Revelation: I actually happen to love my job.) If you don't like what you're doing you have two options:
1. Stay in the job, recognize it, and be happy. (Otherwise, stay away from me.)
2. Find a different job.
Companies are not trustworthy these days and neither are people. If you don't like your circumstances, get out and network. Do your homework, investigate, talk to people, and spend a lot of time asking good questions.

No, I don't mean questions like:
• How many paid holidays are there?
• What is the salary?
• Can I sleep at my desk?