Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pitfalls to Avoid While Coming to Dubai

Let’s face it- the present economic crunch has left many feeling bewildered and confused. With opportunities drying up in their home countries, people from many Western nations are taking a chance to work abroad. And many of these people are coming to Dubai to try their luck. Quite likely they have been egged on by their colleagues or friends who have achieved relative success in the Middle East.
Admittedly, Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city and is accommodating to everyone. However it is best to be aware of a few facts before setting your sights on a job in Dubai Competition is tough because you are vying with aspirants from all over the world. Although the excitement of a high paying tax free salary may lure one over to Dubai, you may in time be bogged down by the hidden costs such as the escalating rents and rising cost of utilities.
If that is not all, there are things such as setting up in a new location, getting access to internet and phone services, home furnishing, car payments, school fees for the children, finding a nanny if required, and health insurance which may leave you reconsidering your entire decision. The lack of decent public transport also forces people to buy or rent a car as soon as they arrive, adding to their financial problems.
Hopefully, rental rates will eventually drop once the large proportion of properties currently under construction become available this year. Meanwhile it makes sense for those being offered a job in Dubai to look closely at their benefits package- especially medical, transport, housing allowance and fees for school children- as these can really set you back. Also consider distances to the school and other amenities like the supermarket from the location you will work in or stay in, as these are often overlooked aspects that can take up a huge chunk of your time.