Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Types Of Jobs - Right Approach For The Right Career

Three main types of jobs are Enduring Jobs, Temporary Jobs and Contract Jobs. Most of people go through more than one type of job throughout their lifetime. One is always in pursuit of a dream job.

People have different definitions of a dream job. Essentially whatever the job, one should love what one is doing. Unluckily a lot of people do not like what they are doing. For them job is boring and is being done out of necessity.

A dream job has to satisfy one emotionally and psychologically, besides meeting one’s financial expectations.

A permanent job provides security, financial certainty, fixed time schedule, medical and other group benefits, annual vacations, pension and belonging to a group.

A temporary or casual job may or may not have all the benefits of a permanent job. As its name implies it is short term in nature and can last anywhere up to 2 years. These are more like contract jobs.

Many times a temporary job translates into a permanent one. Some jobs start temporary as such with a possibility of becoming permanent after certain conditions are met.

Permanent or temporary jobs may not be challenging, diverse and may not make one wealthy. If one does not like a job, these may be become burdensome.

Contract jobs are more like temporary jobs. They suit the temperament of a person who likes diversity of jobs, independent work, possibly a higher income, challenging work, freedom from regular hours and convenience.