Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finding a Job in Dubai

Dubai, being a cultural and commercial hub with no barriers on trade, hosts an expansive job market in all fields of profession. Job seekers from all parts of the world land on this city of gold in search of greener pastures. Dubai’s huge job market offers careers in nearly all professions but the top jobs in Dubai are related to the fields of trade, transportation, tourism, distribution, consulting and processing. Other hot jobs in Dubai include careers in hotels, accounting, banking, teaching, and sales & marketing. Construction jobs in Dubai have the largest market and numerous opportunities for the professionals in the field.

Dubai’s local labor law protects employees quite well and covers their complete worklife including job hours, healthcare, leave, termination rights, and repatriation. Foreign employees are hired on contractual basis and different businesses have different contract durations. Generally, employees are allowed 21 off days per year throughout the first five years of service, and 30 off days per year afterwards. Working hours vary from 8 hours to 9 hours or more per day, depending upon the nature of job. For jobs involving dangerous work, workweeks are shorter. Friday is the day of rest in Dubai but many businesses have now switched to a two-day weekend with Friday and Saturday off days.

So if you’re planning to embrace a career in Dubai, the task isn’t difficult and the local employment framework satisfactorily meets all international standards.