Sunday, June 07, 2009

Certain Pre Requisites For Jobs in Dubai

To land the job in Dubai, you have to first look at the markets, industries and people that make up the unique and explosive entity that is Dubai. After all, Dubai is not your conventional city and therefore does not require the attention of their job search skills. Once you understand the job market, you will have a better chance at landing the scope of work and you're looking for in Dubai.

Understanding the job market in Dubai

Apart from the local Emirate Arabic comprising less than 20% of the population, Dubai boasts over 200 nationalities living within its borders. Of those, the Dubai work force is composed in large part of Lebanese, American, Indian, French, English, Philippines, and Russian nationals to name a few, which are highly - skilled, high - adaptable, multilingual, and as dynamic as Dubai itself.

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mel said...

they say dubai is not a very good destination for foreign workers nowadays.

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